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The MTB20 vintage token has arrived!

2020 was an excellent grape harvest for us in Mendoza and we now have

enough wine for 9600 bottles of this year’s vintage.

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Last News and Events

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MTB20 ICO token launch

6 May - 25 July, 2020 Two years ago we launched the world’s first, wine-backed cryptoasset: MTB18. Last ...

Viniswap is Open!

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Our Wines

Do you want to know our wines?

"One vineyard. Three organic grapes.

Native yeast, minimal sulfites, and barely oaked.

One contemporary wine.

Truth, rhythm, spice, and full fruit.

Celebrate life."


How does it work?

If you have never owned a cryptocurrency,
now is your chance:

  • 2-3-4th of April, 2018:

    We pick the grapes from the vineyard.

  • During the month of April, 2018, we make the wine:

    "Mike Tango Bravo 2018".

  • 6th of May:

    We issue (ICO, or initial coin offering) tokens, based on the number of bottles of wine produced.

  • July 1st:

    The tokens are available for resale on crypto exchanges.

  • 6th of May, 2021:

    The wines are ready for drinking, and can be purchased online ONLY with the MTB18 tokens.

  • 2-3-4th of April, 2018:

    We pick the grapes from the vineyard.

Welcome to Costaflores

Cryptowine culture

Welcome to Costaflores Organic Vineyard, Perdriel, Mendoza, Argentina.

Three grapes: Malbec + Petit Verdot + Cabernet Sauvignon = one organic wine:

The single vineyard behind the world's first wine-backed cryptocoin.

Introducing Openvino

Digital viticulture

The goal of the Openvino Project is to create the world’s first open-source winery,
and wine-backed cryptocurrency.

Mike Barrow, the owner of Costaflores Organic Vineyard, explains how Openvino
and blockchain are transforming his boutique winery from Mendoza, Argentina.

Why an Open Source Company?

Extreme transparency and traceability

How can "extreme transparency" bring value to a boutique winery? Using low-cost IoT sensors,
360° cameras, open-source accounting and ticketing software,
Costaflores Organic Vineyard exposes EVERYTHING, and becomes the world's first open-source winery.

Wine coins and the Blockchain

Market driven pricing

Presenting the world's first wine-backed cryptoasset! It's like bitcoin, but for wine.

One MTB18 token is worth one bottle of the Argentine organic wine, "Mike Tango Bravo 2018", from Costaflores.

What technology is being used?

DiY internet of Vines

The Openvino project is transforming the Costaflores Organic Vineyard, bringing the
Internet of Things to the Internet of Vines.

Mike Barrow explains how low-cost technologies provide "extreme transparency
and traceability", a window into the day-to-dayoperations of this small Argentine

Organic certification

Biodigital certification

The Openvino project and Costaflores Organic Vineyard, from Mendoza Argentina introduce
"Biodigital Certification": self-certification, using low-cost technologies and the blockchain.

You drink it, you own it!

We break ground by paying customers for their feedback

Mike Barrow explains how Costaflores Organic Vineyard is implementing "extreme
traceability" with their wines.


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