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image logo Costaflores organic vineyard

This is the world’s first organic wine-backed cryptoasset

Costaflores is a winery based in Mendoza, Argentina. It is the first winery in the world to issue a wine-backed cryptocurrency asset.

The MTB18 token is an ERC20 cryptoasset for the 2018 vintage. Each token represents one bottle of wine produced from the 2018 harvest, available for drinking after May 6, 2021.

The MTB18 ICO is now CLOSED, but you can still buy MTB18 tokens on the Ripio Exchange:

The MTB19 ICO open on May 6th, 2019.

What is it

We are selling cryptocurrency tokens that represent actual bottles of wine, made from a specific grape harvest at Costaflores Organic Vineyard. It’s like bitcoin, but for wine!

Why are we doing this?

A. Allow the market to decide the price of our wine
B. Provide complete transparency into our business practices.
C. Generate traceability: Vine - Wine - Dine - Mind

How does it work?

If you have never owned a cryptocurrency, now is your chance:

1. At the beginning of April, we pick the grapes from the vineyard.
2. During the month of April, we make the wine: “Mike Tango Bravo”
3. On the 6th of May, we issue tokens (ICO, or Initial Coin Offering), based on the number of bottles of wine produced.
4. When the ICO finishes, the wine tokens are made available on the Ripio crypto exchange:
5. Three years later, the wines are ready for drinking, and can be purchased online with the MTB* tokens.

For 2018, the ICO price of the MTB18 tokens is based on the COST value of the wine. After that, we let the market take over and decid the "real" value of our wines.

We are working with economists and experts in digital transformation to predict how this business will work. More info

Our Team

image Openvino team Mike barrow

Mike Barrow

Team Lead

image Openvino team Juan Carlos Gea

Juan Carlos Gea

Design Lead

image Openvino team Antonio González

Antonio González

Technical Lead

image Openvino team Emiliano Velazquez

Emiliano Velazquez

Cryptocurrency Chef

image Openvino team Federico Elgarte

Federico Elgarte

A Smarter Contract

image Openvino team Salvador Zapata

Salvador Zapata

OpenBravo Guru

image Openvino team Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith


image Openvino team Mica Vera

Mica Vera

Community Manager

image Openvino team Matt Bell

Matt Bell


image Openvino team Jason Hall

Jason Hall


image Openvino team Manuel Ponce

Manuel Ponce

Blockchain Legal

image Openvino team Virgnia Buenanueva

Manuel Ponce

Crypto Accountant

image Openvino team Pablo Ballarín

Pablo Ballarín

Cybersecurity Sentinel

image Openvino team Dr. Carla Bonina

Dr. Carla Bonina

Entrepreneurship Investigator

image Openvino team Jordi Estapé

Jordi Estapé

Sidechain Expansionist

image Openvino team Lucas Planelles Coronas

Lucas Planelles

Genetics Advisory

image Openvino team Toni Gutiérrez

Toni Gutiérrez

Vinophonics Engineer

image Openvino team Joaquin Jiménez

Joaquin Jiménez

Blockchain Student

image Openvino team Ivan Morte

Ivan Morte

RealVino VR-360

image Openvino team Gianluca Ferremi

Gianluca Ferremi

AR/VR Advisory

image Openvino team Jonathan Minchin

Jonathan Minchin


image Openvino team Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Chief Gameifier

image Openvino team Lucas Scala

Lucas Scala



  • Initial Requirements Definitions

  • Team Consolidation

  • ICO landing launch

  • 2018 Harvest

  • Communications Plan launch

  • Crowdsale beta testing

  • MTB18 tokens will go on sale at:
    08:00 Los Angeles (UTC-7)
    12:00 Mendoza (UTC-3)
    12:00 São Paulo (UTC-3)
    17:00 Barcelona (UTC+2)
    23:00 Hong Kong (UTC+8)

  • Go live for Openvino data on

  • MTB18 ICO

  • Vinophonics Deployment

  • Exchange support for MTB18

  • Beta-release for Openvino App

  • Production release for Openvino App 1.0

  • 2019 Harvest

  • MTB19 ICO

  • Exchange support for MTB19

  • Crowdsale of 100 MTB17 Magnum test tokens

  • MTB17 Magnums available for sale with tokens

  • 2020 Harvest

  • MTB20 ICO

  • Exchange support for MTB20

  • End of sales of non-tokenized Costaflores wines

  • 2021 Harvest

  • MTB21 ICO

  • Costaflores security tokens minted

  • MTB 2018 wines available for sale with MTB18 tokens

  • Exchange support for MTB21


For Frequently Asked Questions, you can read our Wiki FAQ page.

How can I learn more?

We invite token holders to visit Costaflores in person. Read our wiki.

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